Chrome font issues including Whatsapp web

Chrome font issues including Whatsapp web

Although it’s been a while since i last blogged, i thought i’d share this with the interwebz.
Since a week or so i started having issues with Chrome on certain websites, including whatsapp web. It didn’t really bother me since i don’t use whatsapp web that often, i thought it must have been an update or something of whatsapp.

Untill yesterday when all of a sudden all sorts of websites fonts started acting weird, for example plesk. After asking my friends if they had the same issue, they responded with a simple “nope”. So i digged a bit deeper and found out Chrome had some issues if you install a new font and do it wrong or something like that the interwebz said. After looking at my font installing history i realised the issue didn’t came from that.
Attempt 2 was when is read online about the issue that chrome reverted to italic if it couldn’t find the default font Times. To bad, i had Times installed correctly and everything was working just fine.

Almost giving up at this point, i did a quick search if anything OSX related would cause the problem. And then i found the solution!


It turns out OSX has some sort of atsutil thingy. This keeps a cache, and apperently sometimes keeps the wrong cache?
To fix it all i had to do was run 3 commands:

sudo atsutil databases -remove
atsutil server -shutdown
atsutil server -ping

Fortunatly i didn’t needed to boot my macbook, but i only needed to restart chrome to get thing going again.

I hope it helps someone, and otherwise it’s a nice archive for myself if i ever have font issue with chrome again 🙂

Source for solution:
Thank you Surgeworks!

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