May 2014 – Current

Linux Administrator

bosworX b.v.

I currently work for bosworX ICT, a Dutch IT company. I manage +- 100 linux servers via Salt, mostly Debian and Ubuntu.
I started working for boworX as a support employee, but developed to Linux Administrator.

Jan 2013 – Current



I started inPimation in the winter of 2013, and did different things in IT. I learned some basic HTML and CSS, and learned my way around the Adobe packages. I also started learning the basics of Linux systems, which i later on used to become a Linux Administrator for bosworX.

februari 2011- may 2014

Helpdesk employee,

bosworX B.V.

As a helpdesk employee I’m first to answer the customer via phone or e-mail and help solve issues. I’m also watching the monitoring system, and act pro-active on any errors. With major issues i gather all the correct information and escalate this information in a ticket to a Back Office employee.

-Customer support
-on-site support
-Inventory of larger projects
-Basic administration of servers
-Watching Back Office tickets
-Making sure the tickets are processed correctly



Freeradius 2 way authentication

Freeradius for 2 way authentication on the Citrix Netscaler. User receives a TXT message on their phone, or an e-mail from the system containing a one time pass so they can log in.

We used a time-addicts sms gateway to implement this feature.
for more information see: Time Addicts



Zimbra used as a secondary mail system for larger customers. This way everyone within the organization has a corporate e-mailadres for communications. Apart from the e-mailadres it must be integrated with the primary mail system, Microsoft Exchange. This solutions is currently active for over 1200+ mailboxes, a cost reducing solution for the customer.


OpenVAS security scans

OpenVAS security server, this server tests our environment for any security flaws. If the scan finds something, appropriate action is taken.


Check_mk bosworX

The main goal was to monitor everything! And with everything they ment, everyting.
We ended up with a complete check_mk farm of 5 servers, using the distributed monitoring function we could easily scale.
1 main check_mk server hosting the webinterface and monitoring linux systems
4 slaves, monitoring windows hosts, WATO and specific network devices.

later on we also added customers with on-site check_mk servers, using VPN to communicate to the main check_mk server so everything was on 1 big pile.

Some stats
Hosts monitored: 921
Services monitored: 39.907
on-site check_mk: 9



Salt system management, patch management for Linux and bootstrapping servers via configuration management. Changing code to adjust to our needs.

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