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Emby on openflixr

Emby on Openflixr Recently I switched from Plex to Emby, in my opinion Emby works better and faster, and also supports all the media devices I have in my home (Chromecast, PS4, Phone, Tablet, Pc/laptop) Since I already have openflixr running, I didn’t wanted to rebuild everything. Instead I decided to run Emby next to…

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Ansible round 2, the awesome stuff

Ansible round 2 Last time we got a working Vagrant environment with 1 master node and 2 slave nodes. We also made sure the VM’s could connect to each other, and Ansible was able to locate and ping the nodes. This tutorial we’re going to do some Ansible commands on the fly to see some…

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Bulk password reset Zimbra Open Source Edition

Bulk password reset Zimbra Open Source Edition So you ran into the same problem i had, you needed to reset multiple passwords for a domain running on Zimbra. This could be due to a migration, or a change in the password policy for the customer. This can’t be done from the Webinterface from Zimbra, but…

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